Democratizing AI and Landing AI

Democratizing AI and Landing AI
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I was just scrolling through my LinkedIn feed when I stumbled upon a video posted by the legendary Andrew Ng about Landing AI and LandingLens. I had no clue what they were before I watched the video, but as usual, Andrew Ng nailed the explanation with his relatable style. He's a master at breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas using visuals and analogies. Honestly, the guy's brain is amazing, and I'm a huge fan!

On a side note, if, like me, you have limited access to data, AI, and machine learning experts in the physical world, I highly recommend creating a LinkedIn account and following industry leaders and experts. It's a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the field, discover new job opportunities, and gain valuable insights into best practices and strategies for success. Plus, you can also join groups and communities on LinkedIn focused on these topics for discussion, networking, and sharing of resources and information.

Now, let me introduce you to Andrew Ng, in case you've never heard of him. He's a big deal in artificial intelligence and machine learning and also an entrepreneur. He's the co-founder of Coursera, an online learning platform, and the CEO of Landing AI. He's a highly respected educator, and his research papers in the field of AI are truly influential. Andrew Ng was even a founding member of the Google Brain project, which aimed to develop large-scale deep learning systems. The man is brilliant, and I can't get enough of him!

So, getting back to the video I saw on LinkedIn, I was intrigued and decided to look into Landing AI and LandingLens. Here's what I found out.

Landing AI is a young artificial intelligence company founded by Andrew Ng in 2017. Its mission is to democratize access to AI for businesses of all sizes and industries, as well as individuals. The company's vision is to empower people to build and scale AI systems that can solve real-world problems and improve people's lives. Andrew Ng believes that everyone, not just a select few companies with vast data and thousands of AI engineers, should have access to the power to build useful AI systems. He even gave a TED talk in Vancouver in 2022 where he compared the rise of AI to the rise of literacy and how AI can enrich society even further if everyone has access to it as creators, not just users.

Landing AI is making AI more accessible by developing user-friendly platforms that allow businesses to build and deploy custom AI systems without the need for a team of AI experts. Their solutions are flexible and customizable, enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of AI to solve problems and drive growth. I tried out their platform, and it's super easy to navigate and create your own model without any coding required!

Landing AI offers a range of products and services that enable businesses to build and scale AI systems. Their flagship product is LandingLens, an AI-powered visual inspection platform that uses computer vision technology to automate the visual inspection process in manufacturing and quality control. Landing Lens can be trained to recognize specific defects or anomalies in a product or component, making it useful in various industries, including electronics, automotive, and textiles. The platform is user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface and customizable workflows, and can be integrated with existing manufacturing systems.

Recently, they announced the launch of LandingEdge, an all-in-one application that connects to a computer visual inspection system. The application runs Landing AI models and drives continuous learning and training of the AI models through Landing Lens. The two products paired up will drive more values for business. You can read about some of the success stories and case studies of businesses using Landing AI's technology on their website.

If you're intrigued by Landing AI and LandingLens, visit their website: With a free account, you can try out LandingLens and create an AI model within hours, without needing any coding skills whatsoever. The best part? These types of models used to take months to develop, but LandingLens has made it much easier and faster, saving you a ton of time and effort!

I would like to leave you with this interview talk with Andrew Ng on AI Strategy. It's quite a long interview but well worth the time I think. He covers a broad range of topics associated with AI, such as what it is to change management. He also shared why he started Landing AI, which you would already know. 😉