Some people are fortunate to discover their passion and career direction early in life. I am not one. It’s only in the last few years, in my mid-thirties, I found it. It’s been one heck of a wild roller-coaster ride, marked by frustration, self-doubt and a carousel of jobs. Although I performed well, I never felt that spark of greatness- boredom would inevitably set it.

In late 2019, the stars aligned, and my golden opportunity arrived. The analyst position I had coveted for two years within my company finally opened up. Despite my lack of experience in analytics, I fiercely honed the necessary skills to prove myself to the hiring manager. I faced stiff competition from seasoned candidates, but fortune favoured me—the hiring manager took a leap of faith, and awarded me the role. My gratitude knows no bounds. For the first time, I can see myself blossoming in a career that truly excites me.

Hi, welcome to Danni's website. I'm an Australian-based former pharmacist turned data analyst. I've fallen head over heels for this field; it's endlessly stimulating and brimming with learning opportunities. After finding my bliss later in life, I want to share my data adventure as I acquire more knowledge and expertise. I hope my journey sparks inspiration and imparts valuable insights in those eager to explore the realms of data and cool techy stuff like Tableau, SQL, Snowflake, Python, and more.

Apart from data, I also love colour and design. In my downtime, I dabble in art. I look for opportunities to incorporate my love for designs into the tools and dashboards I create. I like my creation to be not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing.